Free transport for some disabled?

The Green Party is promising free public transport for some disabled people.

julie anne genter
Julie Anne Genter – promising free public transport for some disabled people.

It’s part of a Green Card policy announced this week in support of the party’s goal to get New Zealanders out of cars and into public transport.

Anyone on the Supported Living Payment will be eligible for the free travel. PeopleĀ under the age of 19 will also be able to travel for free, and students will be entitled to free travel in off-peak hours.

The party’s transport spokesperson, Julie Anne Genter, says that the average weekly transport cost for families has risen $40 over the past four years, and now takes up 15 per cent of the average household budget.

The Green Card will cost about $80 million a year and will be funded from the Government’s Land Transport Fund.

Genter says the cost is equal to the cost of building just one kilometre of new motorway.

New Zealand’s general election will be held on September 23.